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After my Art studies in photography and new media (D.E.A. "Arts des images et art contemporain") at the University Paris VIII, I worked for two and a half years for creativTV, a webtv about contemporary art, in Paris.
I also worked for 3-point concepts in Berlin and participated on extensive projects as for example "Tag des Offenen Denkmals" or "8. lange Nacht der Museen".

As freelance web designer I work primarily on projects in the fields of art, culture, fashion and design.
I'm a follower of stylistic intuitive navigation. My design is often described as pure, plain or without any superficial embellishments. White is an important component for the visual identities I create and I tend to favour HTML over a lot of animations. My references can be seen on stephanieboisset.net or webdesign-paris-berlin.de .

I work in Paris and in Berlin.
2005, I decided to settle down in Berlin. I joined the Iconclub network in Berlin to collaborate on projects like Mobile Studios.

On top of this occupation, I pursue my own artistic work.
My own artwork platform, named "boisset.de, an evolving identity", may be seen as my initial experimentation with the internet as an artistic medium. I started to look into the subject of identity, using myself as 'material object', and to explore the possibilities offered by HTML/Javascript for creative production - fictional, e-mails, and visual design.
Besides this site, I've recently created a new one, called "day by day", which gives me a certain distance to my work. and where I show my photographic work and my "little series".







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Ela Kagel | David Farine | Susa Pop | Hans J. Wiegner | Blaise Bourgeois | Jonas Wittwer | Julia Barth | Stéphane Bled | Frédérique Daubal | Martine Camillieri | Bernd Richter | Franck Veyrières | Jean-Noël Lafargue | Christophe Le Bars | Katia Chaix | Anne Willi | Brigitte Zimmermann | Anne de Lajartre | Armin Berger | El Flech | Nicole Barre


Design à Paris | Berlin Photographs in Revers 03 (Spain) | IndexPage Competion 2006 / | intramuros n°126, sept./oct. 2006, p. 127 | intramuros n°128, janv./fev. 2007, p. 111 | intramuros n°132, sept./oct. 2007, p. 119


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