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A different ge(nea)ology

The Belgrade stop of the mobile studios was conceived as an experiment in the public space whose main goal was to trace a different ge(nea)ology of the contemporary Serbian artistic production. The curatorial concept followed three axes: 1. Instead of producing representations, the content of the studio was to generate the experience 2. Instead of being addressed to the viewer, the project’s aim was to involve the audience as the participants 3. Instead of being result of the ideological interpellation, the studios were the index of pure creativity. Starting with the new media installation on the first day and ending with the interactive models of the monuments that never got the chance to be produced, due to the complicated political situation in the 90’s, the mobile studios were a unique intervention in the public space. Its uniqueness consisted in the particular twist that was inherent to most of the projects involved. The talk studio acted as a stage for the creative forms of dialogue such as the remember project, skype confessions and the auction in the illegal pastry shop. In one sentence, the project was based on the dialogue aesthetic that challenges the ontological constraints of the conventional object based art!







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