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DEZ ORG is a group of 11 young artists based in Belgrade.

The name dez org (dezorganizacija / disorganization) gathers eleven artists from the youngest generation with different interests, different orientations, yet with a unique attitude in a sense of activating / conquering a new public space and articulating their own place of speach, on both meaning and economic level. This group wishes to affirm and promote its own work, but also to initiate a platform for valuation of the work of its own genration of artists and for opening the potential which this city, and young people in it, have.

Dez org wishes to make a structure for values which are going to add another, hopefully, new quality to the art scene, and not to criticize or reproduce the existing »system« of visual culture in Belgrade. Dez org wishes to function in a parallel level with the present state, which would be an interesting development for an enviroment in which values change ultimately.

Instead of feeling sorry over artist's social and economical status, this group is working on opening the need for art and art objects, and making the art more communicative without devalving its content, also promoting new models of artist joining and new possibilities of communication and linking of the artists on local and international level. Dez org is making efforts to promote contemporary art praxis, as well as popularizing and affirming contemporary theory and tendencies in art, which could help the forming of contemporary art system, having a special attention to local Belgrade enviroment.

One of the present activities of the dez org art group is aimed at seeking for an adequate gallery space which is to be a place of gathering, public talks, presentations, actions, but also making a creative spot for promotion of works of the youngest Belgrade art-generation. Yet, untill dez org makes this idea real, it will function as a comunity in alternative / virtual space in which it commonly finds different ways to realize its projects.

The projects:
Dragan Djordjevic / Tijana Knezevic / Gordana Belic / Milica Ruzicic, "The Cubes"

This work would be made of 3 - 5 cubes (size about 60 x 60 x 60cm) which would be positioned within the Live Studio, so that the visitors can put their head in and look at the "works" inside. Inside would be exhibited video game, one short video, a model/sculpture of woman breasts and a sculpture/mechanism of a hand that would cuddle the head of each viewer (this box should give a feeling of "unconditional mother love" and warm emotional impulse to everyone). All the works exhibited would trigger the visitor with his/her impossibility to touch.

Mirjana Boba Stojadinovic, "Belgrade is the world"

This work is going to develop the interaction with the people who are circulating around the Square, inviting them directly and through media (newspapers & radio adds) to come and be recorded with video and photo medias. The material which comes out of this one day recording should be returned to them either as a photo or as a video put on Mobile Studio internet resources and thus giving them a possibility to communicate with their friend or family who have moved out of Belgrade/Serbia/ex Yugoslavia during the nineties or earlier.
Also, the material would be projected on the Live studio wall. If possible there would be put a folio for projection on the glass part of the studio and this surface would be used for projecting video with life size people from the Square.
This work is dealing with taking information directly from the place itself and returning it to the "inhabitants" of this place in this town as well as the communication with people who used to live in Belgrade but have gone to live elsewhere because of the political and economical pressure.







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Gordana Belic | Dragan Dordevic | Tijana Knezevic | Maja Radanovic | Jelena Radic | Dragan Rajsic | Maja Rakocevic | Milica Ruzicic | Ivana Smiljanic | Mirjana Boba Stojadinovic | Boris Sribar | Maja Ciric | Miroslav Karic



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