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Soundsion: sounds and visions
Two projects by Judit KLEIN and Mára TAKÁCS

If instead of the overall noise we could listen to the everyday noises of big cities one by one, we could even call them exciting. A similarly striking effect can be acquired by adding different sounds to the usual everyday visual experience the time and space of a city. By adding the sounds of other spaces, other countries.

1. We need headsets in the live studio so we can listen to the urban sounds of a square in Sofia or Belgrade, recorded previously. The hectic busy workdays, or the quiet of week-ends. All this time, we can see Deák square as we sit in the live studio.
In the chat studio we will have invited guests: a blind person, a music teacher, a street worker who needs to wear ear muffs for noise protection as his work is drilling concrete. Those who have just listened to the sounds of other cities and would like to chat about the experience can join the guests one by one.

2. We make a selection of lullabies from the countries particpating in the mobile studios tour. The creative teams in each country can provide their material and help, but should this be difficult to carry out, we can make compilations of authentic songs by using Hungarian collections in antique shops, libraries, etc.






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