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Spatial situation with table and chairs controverts with coding of messages, which furniture and its arrangement in space associate in every visitor. Furniture, better say, its skeleton is becoming here a holder of sociological models and connotations - collective psychological sediment, but at the same time it loses the substance, its own functionality, service of dailiness, which it only pretends actually. It parasites on reality, but also on its messages. Attested, well known constructional situation of table, chairs, children's seat (Stockerl) offers here another level, it is becoming sociological model, reflection on operation of society itself; however visitor gets a possibility to disrupt or change "experienced archetype" - the status, which he knows perfectly - with modification, or variation of object. Thus, moving its several parts is changing the meaning and shape of furniture / construction. In attested space is coming to transformation of "order" (we can say that also with help of a game) to variants of "disorder", as to certain form of allegory of shifts in society transformation that is possible to observe also today, final - definitive variant is always like aloof, vague. But the problem situations cause its coming to unconscious resurrection and retrieve of experienced archetype, to its variations and its new solutions, to returns of attested. With offered possibilities of choice - combination or destruction of furniture's construction, the visitor is coming to the controversy with its own understanding of sociological structures he lives in. (Michal Moravcík)







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M?°ria Corejov?° | M?°ria Riskov?°


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