Belgrade is the capital of Serbia and Montenegro (2003-Present). It is one of the oldest cities in Europe settled in the 3rd century BC by the Celts before becoming the Roman settlement of Singidunum. The name Beograd (Belgrade) has been first mentioned back in year 878. It has been the capital of Serbia since 1404 and of Yugoslavia from 1918 until 2003.
In the field of traffic and transport, it is a city of the highest importance. It spreads over 3.6% of the territory of Serbia, and 15.8% of Serbian population (23% excluding Kosovo) lives in this city. Also, 31.2% of all employed workers in Serbia work in Belgrade. Belgrade is the capital of Serbian culture, education and science. It has the greatest concentration of institutions of national importance in the field of science and art.
Belgrade has the status of a separate teritorial unit in Serbia, having its own autonomous city government. Its territory is divided into 17 municipalities, having their own local governmental bodies. It is the largest city of former Yugoslavia and by population ranks fourth in the Balkans, right behind Istanbul, Athens and Bucharest.
The city lies on the outfall of the Sava river to the Danube river in north central Serbia, at 44.83° N 20.50° E. The population of the Belgrade region is 1,711,800

The historical location of the Mobile Studios in Belgrade:
"See you at the Square!" Republic square 5

The zone encompassed by present day Republic Square is a central point of Belgrade. Until 1835, this place was uninhabited, and since then a lot of exciting and turbulent events marked this place. It is pedestrian zone surrounded by some of the most important national cultural institutions (National Museum, National Theatre).
In recent history this square was the key spot for the gathering of opposition leaders and their followers against Milosevic's regime. Republic Square was the place where all big demonstrations against Milosevic's politics were held. In that period square was also recognized as a Square of Freedom. It's also favorite place for Serbian politicians to have a speech in their pre election campaign. This is the place where Serbian politicians are giving false promises to the Serbian people...
Today the Square is a popular place for the young Belgraders to meet before going elsewhere to have fun. Actually, even those who do not know Belgrade very well, prefer the Square as an orientation point. Anyway, when in Belgrade someone tells you "See you at the Square!", they have in mind this particular square.

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