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With the events held at the Goethe Forum the Goethe-Institut is making its own contribution to the intensification of cultural dialogue between the nations of the world.

The forum introduces the German public to the creativity and traditions of other countries and to their innovative cultural potential, the main aim frequently being to nurture an increased understanding of the intellectual basis of societies other than our own.

The Forum Goethe-Institut brings select programmes of events run by the institutes abroad to Germany, thus acting as a pivot between foreign and local cultural and educational policy and pumping new impetus into the international cultural debate, particularly in Germany.

The Goethe-Forum programs:

Media Arts

We present artistic expressions, created in the digital world and are based on new communication technologies. They are at the same time product and catalyst of the accelerating change of social life.

Performing arts and film

Our program includes international theatre, dance, performances, music and movies that honour new artistic perceptions and redefine aesthetic traditions.

Literature and Discussion

Lectures, recitals and conferences enrich the intercultural dialog and understanding. They introduce important aspects of discourse into German society. These events confront people with alternative cultural points of view and reflect critically on the occidental thinking tradition.

Current politics

Internationally recognised experts discuss about conflagrant topics, explosive socio-political problems and global development. (example of a topic is the inner-German trans-cultural dialog.)





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