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To save the world... ;-)

Interspace works for the establishment of a social attitude to new media art forms, through the development of alternative means and possibilities of artistic expression in new media technologies.
InterSpace was created to foster creativity in the field of arts, new media and technologies.

Implementing this mission InterSpace works on the development of all areas where creativity in new media is concerned:
- education and research
- production and distribution
- building capacity and community



Education and trainings
- open source software training courses
- training courses on Arts & Cultural Management
- training courses on multimedia and new media

Projects in Arts & Culture
- CULT.BG - Server for Bulgarian Art and Culture - independent cultural media channel, community network, various free web services
- Net_User Conference - Biennial international event, taking place in Sofia, Bulgaria
- production and co-production of individual and group artistic projects
- organization of events - exhibitions, presentations, public art shows, etc. // research and development
- open source software solutions for artistic, cultural and social needs
- interactive software solutions and graphic user interfaces /GUI/ for artistic needs
- application of the newest technologies in experimental art forms

Projects to generate self-sustainability
- web design and development (content management systems, online software solutions)
- video production and post-production
- providing access to technological facilities and expertise for SME







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Petko Dourmana | Vladimir Petkov | Galia Dimitrova | Maya Ivanova | Margarita Dorovska | Konstantin Petrov | Maria Doynova | Petar Slavov | Atanas Kosharov | Kyd Campbell | Stoicho Stanchev | Rostislav Raykov | Milen Hristov | Evgeni Vasilev | Ivan Ginev





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