Berlin is a city-state, as well as the capital city of the Federal Republic of Germany - and with 3.4 million inhabitants and an area of 891.69 km² (344.3 mi²) also its largest city in population and size. Berlin is the political and cultural center of Germany and due to its division into West Berlin and East Berlin from 1949 - 1989 one of the most diverse metropolisis inside the European Union. Berlin is an important junction inbetween the states of the continously growing European Union, as well as a significant home of many economical, cultural and educational institutions of Germany. Some of the outstanding institutions of Berlin include universities, research faculties, theatres and museums, while festivals, the night-life and architecture of Berlin have gained international reputation as well.

Berlin is located in Northeastern Germany, on the Rivers Spree and Havel and surrounded by the German Federal state of Brandenburg. Founded in 1237, Berlin was the capital of Brandenburg and since 1701 capital of the Kingdom of Prussia. In 1871 Berlin became capital of the German Empire and since then strongly connected with the nation's history. Today, Berlin is the capital of the now reunited Federal Republic of Germany, and due to a resolution ("Hauptstadtbeschluss") passed in 1991, seat of most of the executive and legistlative branch of the German government.

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