The Polish part of Project entitled Mobile Webcast Studio in Gdansk has a character of a virtual, temporal activity although it will be recorded and archivized. Laznia Centre for Contemporary Art as a virtual partner will be the initiator and transmitter of artistic events that are taking place in other partner cities, but also will be creating own activities from April to May 2006. We’ll be creating the possibility to receive and transmit information and images of planned events like concerts, openings of exhibitions, performances, film presentations and meetings with critics, architects and artists. The most essential issue for Laznia is the annexation of public space by art and artists. We are developing the belief of the need and good effects of artistic activities in the project entitled The Outdoor Gallery of the City of Gdansk we are which purpose is the revitalization of the borough. The essence of meetings and presentations that are included in the Mobile Webcast Studio project will be the attempt to build a relation between the work of art in public space and the viewer.







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Malgorzata Zwolicka | Joanna Charchan | Jadwiga Charzynska | Karolina Grabowicz | Agnieszka Wolodzko | Daniel Muzyczuk | Robert Rumas | Alina Grycel



Laznia Center for Contemporary Arts


Laznia Center for Contemporary Arts | Goethe Institut Warsaw

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