Mobile Studios are travelling like a nomadic community through different landscapes. Economic, political, cultural, social and digital layers are experienced by the currency, frontier, goods and habits and the welcome message on the cell phone. Once they arrive in the city their mobile structure provides the possibility to be installed in different urban settings.


Mobile Studios as a social cultural political tool

They temporarily possess the public space and give a statement towards their environment. They can be used to create a dialogue with the Ministry of Culture (Bratislava) or emphasise the necessity of a New Museum for Contemporary Arts (Novi Sad). An experimentation field and playground is temporarily available for an open process: "Fake it before you make it!".


Catalyst and communication platform

Like a no man's land Mobile Studios settle down in the public space and deliver a neutral ground for discussions and debates on local, national political and cultural issues. The urban interventions are creating an interactive dialogue with the visitors.


Mobile Studios: the structure is the concept

The corresponding exhibition modules of Live-, Talk and Editorial Studio provide the structure of a processive production laboratory. Urban interventions (Live Studio) can be discussed publicly (Talk Studio) and documented in different media formats and distributed to international media partners (Editorial Studio).


Cooperation and networking

The Editorial Studio is the communication and distribution tool: the relais between the public and virtual space: the connection between the countries. Artists can send and receive and collaborate beyond the borders simultaneously and successively.


Virtual collection

The journey of the Mobile Studios will leave their traces in the archive. All artistic contributions will be documented like a virtual collection for future researches.





mobility | networks | urban interventions | communication | collections | cultural policies | cooperation | talk | internet


Susa Pop | Hans J. Wiegner | Ela Kagel


The concept of the Mobile Studios


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