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Skrito na otkrito
Hidden outside
Initiator: Association for the City Researches by the Means of Art "X-tendo"

Elena Koleva-Ivanova - head of the project; Viktor Ivanov - design of the space, the objects and the brochures; Liliya Parvanova and Tcvetelina Gospodinova - ideologists and participants; Maria Shipotchka and Spiridon Xenox - participants.

The idea of the project is to turn the Live Studio into a space, where everyone could tell, show or leave words, things, objects, which make him worry, inspire him, and make him happy or some things that are uneasy to share.
This action is addressed to everyone. We invite the people to join in discussions for the political, cultural and social processes with their personal stories. We are calling this "Action-research". Research about how and what the people are ready to share in the public space.

What are we going to do is to open a space and time for personally stories. We are going to invite our friends, known and unknown people, and accidental citizens to share something personal, leaving own thoughts, things or nothing in the Life Studio.

When is happening?
The real action will be hold in two days per four hours by each day. We would like our action to happen in the pick's hours to reach the accidental visitors as well (for example first day from 10.00 till 14.00 o'clock, second day from 16.00 till 20.00 o'clock) depends of the traffic of the space,.
Where is happening?
In the Live and Talk Studios
What is happening?
Live Studio, First day:
Preliminary informed for the action people and accidental passengers will entry in the Live Studio. We will attract the accident citizens with special signs around the Live Studio: "Place for personal things", "Leave something personal". There will be an invitation and information with the instructions for participation as well.

Choose a box or make one by yourself. Put in the box your personal things, stories, thoughts, fillings...
Close and seal up the box. Leave a massage what would you like to happen to your box. Find the proper place and put your box in the Live Studio. Find something for writing and leave your massage on the pasteboard or on the white board. What the people can see outside is an installation of boxes, which is going to be transformed by every new person entering in the Live Studio. The white board and the pasteboard will be placed also on the wall behind the window. The people outside could observe a person who is following the instructions. The limited space of the Live Studio gives interesting conditions for observing the action in the Studio as a cinema frame.

Second day
We will invite again our friends, known and unknown people, and the accident citizens in the Live Studio. The visitors will follow other instructions: Choose a box. Open it. Read the left message or instruction and follow it
If there is no instruction take the consistence of the box for you. If you want to share a fillings, thoughts, just write it on the pasteboard or on white board.

How will look our Life Studio?
All of the sides of the Life Studio will be marked as different private spaces, the space where the person is alone in the frame of the public property. We will put notices: "WS" and fitting-room; images of: telephone cabin (this is from our past, because now in Bulgaria we have not street phone cabin), automate for moment pictures; there will be a "place for you", on this wall every body can put theirs photos or some thing to advertisement yourself.

Talk studio:
We will invite to debate four participants, which will comment what is happening in the Live Studio during the two days action. Our guests will be:
Pero Danilovski - theater director
Todor Tzigov - architect, which doctor's work was on the relation between architecture and behavior
Ivo Ivanov - unemployment artist
Todor Karastoianov - theater theoretic and musician
The discussions will be between two of our guest and two of us. Each group will have a discussion per one hour each day. In the first group will be Pero Danilovski, Todor Tzigov, Elena Koleva-ivanova and Tzvetelina Gospodinova. The second group will consist of Todor Karastoianov, Ivo Ivanov, Lilia Parvanova and Tzvetelina Gospodinova.

The themes of the discussion will be:
Where is the privacy in the social and cultural space? How open are we to exhibit our selves in the public space.
Haw the act of leaving personal things in the public space could be interpreted?  Other themes for discussion will be formed during the happening in the Live Studio.

What are we doing?
We will leave our tracks in the personal space of the box as well, as the other visitors. This box will give an opportunity to exhibit everyone but not to hide. We will repeat our entering and simulate a line in front of the door to provoke the people to go inside of the Live Studio and leave their traces, things, thoughts, etc. There will be one of us staying around the box all the time, discreetly observing the visitors and the curious people.

What are we interested about: how and how much do the people have the courage to show something personal, what are their limits in it? Where are the limits of including somebody in their personal space - closing and fixing the box, writing or not something on the wall?
The other point is: how and how much the people are ready to enter in the personal space of somebody else - taking a look, moving or totally destroying the box of somebody else, or crossing out, commenting the sign of the other.

How the people will be informed for this initiative?
We will make an advertising campaign with the brochures and publications in the internet sites for cultural events 3-4 weeks before happenings and will invite people to join our Live Studio. We will inform what and in what contest will happen. We will spread the brochures on the spaces visited from people interested of that kind of events.
We will put signs which show the place of the happening during the action. In that way we hope to involve casual visitors.






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