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The Liulin Project has been named after one of the most massive living areas in Sofia standing out with its weirdness and famous for being one of the dullest achievements of communistic architecture. This Project is exhibition of interior in Mobile Live Studio for a day with main purpose to transfer the atmosphere of Liulin area - communistic absurd - in visitor's imagination.

The exhibition room is to be engaged by arranging furnisher a bed covered with sheets and pillows a table with cup of coffee and ashtray on it and chairs. Pictures are to be printed out on each item, showing destroying buildings, pity results caused by alterations to the facilities, broken hopes of the people who live there, lost positive expectations for better future all represented by views of Liulin. Local expressions, accents and records are to be on air while the exhibition is on in addition to the suburban reality.

In this presentation I look forward to introduce specific characteristics of the recent communistic existence, feelings of something that has gone for ever and the lack of happiness in the remaining circumstance. All items are going to be on sell during the exhibition with price announced on a special leaflet.

"MARKETING" is additional part of this project inspired of its power nowadays. We are surrounded with commercials for sells on food, cars, pills, hope. On sell is everything - people, organs, ideas.







urban interventions | communication | cooperation | public art | theater


Kyd Campbell | Neli Mitewa | Mila Odazhieva




BrainStoreProject | InterSpace Sofia | Goethe Institut Sofia

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