producer / curator



History of Arts, University Cologne
Advanced Research in Theatre and Dance, DASARTS Amsterdam
M.A. postgraduate course in European Cultural Planning, De Montfort University Leicester, UK


project overview

Ela is co-initiator & media producer of the Mobile Studios.
She is founding member of Iconclub, a digital media network in Berlin and has initiated the Upgrade! Berlin in 2006.
Since 2008, Ela is director of the IP-TV unit at /i-d media Berlin.


Cross Media Works

2008 project manager for the development of a web tv channel for the European Cultural Capital Ruhr 2010.

2008 host of an Urban Media Salon for the Transmediale 2008.

2008 co-producer of the Upgrade! International festival in Skopje / Macedonia.

2008 initiator of the Tabutheater 2.0 for the Theater am Neumarkt Zürich, together with Ursula Endlicher.

2007 Initiator of the Mobicase project, mobile documentary units, invited by the HTMlles media art biennal, Montreal

2007 curater of the TAGallery link_of_thought_thought_of_link, commissioned by CONT3XT.NET.

2006 Concept and project management for Motor TV, an IPTV platform for innovative music in Germany / ID-Media & Motor Music.
Concept of the website & multimedia production of Mobile Studios
Concept of the Media Service of "Germany - Land of Ideas"

2005 conceptional lead of the science communication project
Encyclopédie Internationale des Photographes: Concept for the digitization of the collected data of M+M Auer, Geneva

2004 CSO and project manager of uma information technology Vienna.
Project management and concept development for the research project "City Interface": a mobile information guiding system in 3D for the Museumsquartier Vienna
project management of, a blogging platform for children, for the Kindermuseum Vienna and VICO GOES TV, an interactive television format.

2003-2002 Iconclub media developments for t-info, Telekom, arte, CeBIT 2002 & 2003 and consulting for governmental media centers

2001-2000 Senior Concept Developer I-D Media Berlin and Vienna, web applications and cross media projects for Deutsche Telekom, t-info, t-systems, SWATCH, trimondo, e.on and Loewe


Interactive Media Performances

2007 producer & curator for Octavio Camargo's "Iliadohomero" and Ursula Endlicher's "Ten Most Visited: Website Impersonations" in Berlin

2000 dramaturgy & text of GVOON, Kafka dreams, Musikhalle Hamburg
1998 writer and director of "Auf den Spuren der Leichtigkeit", an interactive video game for a live audience, DASARTS, Amsterdam
1998 Writer and director of "Straight to the Beef", TV broadcast live before an audience, Victoria Theatre Gent / Belgium
1997 writer and director of "Anti:Gone", Theater im Tunnels, Cologne.


TV & The Web

1999-2000 Freelance Television Author& Producer for Endemol Cologne, Brainpool, ZDF, Filmpool, D&D Productions.
1999 Co-Concept of the Swisscom Pavillon EXPO 2000 / for Facts & Fiction Cologne
1998 Volkswagen Inc: Co-Concept Development of the Beetlemania, an interactive rallye for the market launch of the New Beetle / for ID-Media and Videe


Ambient Spaces and Exhibitions

2006 Co-initiator and media producer of the Mobile Studios, a European nomadic media art platform.

2005 Curator of the exhibition Virtual Identities, a retrospective of female media art, with artists like Victoria Vesna, Mouchette et al. Galerie Tristesse, Berlin.

2004 Curator of several media art exhibition spaces during Ladyfest Berlin 2004.

2004 uma project manager and concept developer of several Media Lab Projects for the Kindermuseum Vienna


Lectures and Panels

2008 Panel member of the media facades round table Berlin

2008 Surfing with Ela Kagel / curated public surfing at the Gallery Art Claims Impulse, Berlin

2007 Lecture at the EUROPE INTERACTIVE conference in Berlin: The cultural cooperation aspects of the Mobile Studios.

2006 Speaker at the Upgrade! International Conference, Oklahoma / USA: From Audience to Users to Producers.

2006 Host of the Webconference about the Challenges of Curating Netart, with Lauren Cornell from Rhizome, Liz Slagus from Eyebeam, Anne Barlow from the New Museum New York, Helen Thorington from Turbulence Boston, Petko Dourmana from Interspace Sofia and others. and

2006 Producer of Webcasts for a live audience, in cooperation with the Laznia Center of Contemporary Art in Gdansk, Poland / The Mobile Webcast Studio.
2005 Lecture on Female Automats at Gallery Tristesse, Berlin

2005 Resident Lecturer at the bbw Academy Potsdam: Introduction to Audiovisual Media

2004 Speaker at the ECSITE Conference (European Network of Science Centers and Museums) in Barcelona: Bridging the Gap between Virtual and Physical Exhibition Spaces

2004 Speaker at the EC3 conference (Electronic Commerce Conference) in Vienna: Practical experiences with the implementation of a mobile information guide for the Museumsquartier in Vienna


Feasibility Studies

2006 project manager and researcher of the feasibility study The Development of a Monitoring Tool for the Detection of Counterfeits in Online Markets. (Client: Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry, Biel, CH)
2005-2004 project manager and researcher of the feasibility study Future Preservation and Management of the Scientific and Cultural Heritage in Austria. (Client: Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Culture and the Austrian Council for Research and Technology)







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