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"The space of privacy, publicity and of anonymity", a discussion, transmitted live to Sofia on 27th May 2006.

The discussion will take place at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk, moderator: Jacek Dominiczak, participants: Monika Zawadzka, Dominik Lejman and Bogna Swiatkowska.

Idea: Are artists and architects able to construct a dialogic city? Is it possible that those creators alone, without design rules imposed on a city by urban authorities, could construct dialogic both spaces and events? Within architecture doctrine, is it possible, that a shift from the glorification of originality towards the praise of complexity would take place? Within the practice of city image constructing, is a shift from the acceptation of individual space to the desire for the space of encounter even possible?

Architecture+dialog Program, established by Jacek Dominiczak and Monika Zawadzka at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk, runs theoretical and design works which focus on constructing intellectual, art and architecture foundations for the dialogic image of contemporary city.

Jacek Dominiczak - works and lives in Gdansk, Poland, is an architect and educator. He works on the dialogic architecture's both theory and design methodology. The work was initiated in his doctorate at the Technical University of Gdansk, Poland (1989) - the school where he graduated with a M.A. (1978) and where he used to work between 1978 and 1991.

Monika Zawadzka - architect, culture anthropologist

Dominik Lejman - visual artist

Bogna Swiatkowska - journalist, chairman of the Bec Zmiana Foundation







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