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Tobic Tobic - the idol of the young

Duration: about 5 hours (several terms are available)
Place: mortal point (kind of a desk, a stand or a similar piece of furniture that could be found there)

Description of work:
Using the astro-kabbalistic calculations the idol of the young calculates the precise mortal chart according to which one can see what kind of afterlife is expecting him. It is required that the person, who wants his mortal chart to be calculated, provide the precise date and place of death. If, by chance, the person concerned is ignorant of the exact data, the idol of the young could calculate it as well, but the price of its being disclosed is too high, for objective reasons, therefore the date most probably shall not be revealed. (It is possible to reach a kind of agreement with the death proprietor.)

The price: 52 dinars, free for the USA citizens (provided they present their passport for the inspection) and for the individuals working in certain cultural, media, governmental and non-governmental institutions (the list is yet to be presented).

The participant: Tobic Tobic, the idol of the young, the greatest astrologer of the Southeastern Europe and the best-selling Serbian author (known for his 12 short stories published in several hundred thousand copies on daily basis - the stories are mainly written in the second person singular, in future tense, and they have been published for the past for years in a row in the Serbian most despised and the best-selling tabloid "Kurir"). The well informed claim that the participant concerned is a very talented musician, a slammer, a Latin lover (the malicious ones say that when telling one's fortune he uses the Vlach magic dirty tricks) and a blogger (visiting the site www.tobic-tobic.com is compulsory). Recently, he became severely and incurably ill and the illness manifests itself in such a way that it seems that the feels increasingly better. Come and get infected!









Maja Ciric | Miroslav Karic


I am built like sacred pots


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